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DMR Supplies

Address: 8823 Zealand Ave N Suite 0, Minneapolis MN 55445
Phone: 763-420-7828
Fax: 763-420-7892
Website: www.dmrsupplies.com


OWNER MARY, mary@dmrsupplies.com
OWNER DAVID, david@dmrsupplies.com

Markets Served

Primary Focus Dental
Additional Markets Schools/Training

States Covered


Primary Value Proposition to Customer Base

DMR Supplies is committed to helping small, independently owned, health care professionals. We strive to keep costs down by utilizing our buying power and passing along the savings to our customers. We love what we do, and we promise to deliver the best possible service, selection, quality and value.

Uniqueness to Nationals

DMR Supplies, Inc. is a family-owned medical supply company founded in 2000 operating in the Twin Cities Metro area and beyond. Our founders, David and Mary Rekstad, established our company on high level customer service and common sense. In a market where competitors encourage high volume purchasing to get the best price, we pride ourselves on providing resources for even the smallest of practices to receive the same prices as larger firms. We serve all varieties of medical practice and study including: dentistry, oral surgery, chiropractic, research, and academic. If you are an independently owned health care practice, individual health care professional or collegiate instruction program, we are the medical supply company for you!