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Grogan’s Healthcare Supply

Address: 1016 S. Broadway , Lexington KY 40504
Phone: 800-365-1020
Fax: 859-254-6666
Website: www.grogans.com


Sales Manager Tom Hill , thill@grogans.com
President/CEO Alan Grogan, alg@grogans.com

Markets Served

Primary Focus Physician/Clinic
Additional Markets Industrial

States Covered


Primary Value Proposition to Customer Base

Modern distribution and logistics, with preservation of old school service and knowledge of the broadest range of healthcare products with staff experience averaging over 20 years. No free lunches, but ours are tasty and cost-effective with fresh and local ingredients.

Uniqueness to Nationals

Our job is to make the complex simple rather than the other way around. Calling Grogan's let's you talk to real people (no press 1 for this or that) that can solve your problems. You buy what YOU want, not what we want to be rid of because of back-end deals. We sell high quality, major brand products, in addition to low-cost and functional options, but don't cram our "house brand" down the throats of customers by backordering the name brands. Healthcare is always local and local suppliers best support local healthcare providers.