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Miotech Sports Medicine Supplies

Address: 2373 Cedar Park Drive , Holt MI 48842
Phone: 517-272-1940
Fax: 517-272-1941
Website: www.miotechstore.com


VP of Sales & Marketing Paul Calloway, paul.calloway@miotech.net
Quoting Department Andrea Gulick, andrea.gulick@miotech.net

Markets Served

Primary Focus Physician/Clinic

States Covered


Primary Value Proposition to Customer Base

MioTech is a sales, service and solutions focused distributor of sports medicine supplies and equipment to Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and Orthopedic Doctors. We are experts in our product lines and leverage our manufacturer relationships to bring that expertise in person, right to your doorstep.

Uniqueness to Nationals

As a sales focused organization, we have over 15 sales professionals calling in the same space where our national competitors only have one. We bring a much more focused value to our manufacturers as we don't offer every possible variation in every conceivable brand. We only take key brands who are generally market leaders, and we drive those brands relentlessly.