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The Claflin Company

Address: 455 Warwick Industrial Dr. , Warwick RI 2886
Phone: 401-562-8297
Fax: 401-739-4360
Website: www.claflin.com


Strategic Officer/ ACO Division Billy Almon Jr. , walmon@claflin.com
Account Manager Maryellen Cullity, mcullity@claflin.com

Markets Served

Primary Focus Hospital
Additional Markets Physician/Clinic

States Covered


Primary Value Proposition to Customer Base

Claflin is a full-line distributor of medical and surgical products sourced from over 300 regional, national and international suppliers. We specialize in advanced logistics programs which are custom designed to fit the needs of all healthcare providers throughout the continuum of care.

Uniqueness to Nationals

As members of the community we serve Claflin builds a unique relationship with each customer that requires a local presence.