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UNITED Medical Supply Company

Address: 708 Marks Road Suite 308, Valley City OH 44280
Phone: (866) 678-UMED {8633}
Fax: (866) 728-4614
Website: www.unitedmedsupply.com


Director of Special Sales Kelly Neighbors, kneighbors@unitedmedsupply.com

Markets Served

Primary Focus Nursing Home/Skilled Care
Additional Markets DME (Durable Medical Equipment

States Covered


Primary Value Proposition to Customer Base

With nearly 20 years of experience in the long-term & post-acute care communities, we understand the demands of our customers and will be both responsive in our support and proactive in providing you with the tools necessary for success. UNITED, we will build a strong partnership today that will thrive into the future! - See more at: https://unitedmedsupply.com/#About

Uniqueness to Nationals

UNITED Medical Supply Company was founded on the principles of delivering high-quality products, competitive pricing and unmatched service you can only expect from a local supplier!