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Watkins Pharmacy and Surgical Supply

Address: 1391 E. Sherman Blvd , Muskegon MI 49444
Phone: 231-739-7158
Fax: 231-739-8024
Website: www.watkinssurgical.com


VP Sales & Operations Rick Schelhas, schelhas@watkinssurgical.com
Co-Owner Charlie Miller, cmiller@watkinssurgical.com

Markets Served

Primary Focus Physician/Clinic
Additional Markets Dental

States Covered


Primary Value Proposition to Customer Base

Our Mission is to provide world class service and products at a fair and competitive price.

Uniqueness to Nationals

As a local, family owned organization we are able to respond to our customer's needs within a time frame that most of our national competitors can't achieve. Same day service for local customers is pretty routine. For our far reaching customers we deliver using either our own trucks or one of the major carriers and have your order to you the next business day (stock dependent). And we pay the freight. We operate a compounding pharmacy allowing us to offer a unique range of service that is pretty limited with the larger service providers. As cliche as it may sound, Watkins is a family owned and operated business and our customers are part of the family.