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BR Surgical

Phone: 904-642-1366
Website: www.brsurgical.com

Manufacturer Description

BR Surgical is a market leader in providing surgical instruments and endoscopy equipment and related medical devices through our distributor partners for office based and ambulatory surgery center surgical procedures. The products cover the range of surgical markets including ENT, DERM, OB/GYN, Plastics, Urology, and General Surgery.

BR Surgical products include high quality Surgical Instruments, Endoscopes, Endoscopic Video Systems, ENT Chairs & Cabinets, ENT Microscopes, Stroboscopes and Disposable Procedure kits. BR Surgical also provides Comprehensive Repair Programs for Surgical Instruments and Endoscopes, and related Medical Devices. BR Surgical instruments are manufactured with premium quality German stainless steel, and backed by a lifetime warranty. Our Endoscopic visualization systems utilize cutting-edge technology and are designed in conjunction with our precision German crafted endoscopes. Our products offer innovative designs, high quality optics, and durability with a sales, service, and distribution system to support them.