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Edge Biomed

Phone: (888) 841-5155
Website: www.edgebiomed.com

Manufacturer Description


We know your practice relies on the equipment used to treat and diagnose patients. Edge Biomedical provides service work on a variety of medical equipment on a parts and labor basis. All work performed includes a 90-day warranty and we offer free estimates. Edge Biomedical invests in the continuing education of our technicians. This includes factory classes and cross-training. As healthcare technology advances, so must the competencies of the equipment technicians.


In addition to annual inspections being required by accreditation agencies, insurance providers and the manufacturers, they are absolutely vital in protecting you as a provider and extending the life of your equipment. During our visit to perform your annual equipment maintenance, our professional technician will make sure all available equipment is tested, passes inspection and is documented to prove compliance.


Your customers need to remain compliant, but cannot afford to be down for required inspections. Edge Biomedical provides on-site Safety Inspections and Preventive Maintenance. We even pick up and drop off equipment in our local markets. Our professional technicians work with your office personnel to complete our work in a non-invasive, prompt manner, allowing your practice to continue serving patients.


Edge Biomedical’s state-of-the-art repair equipment and facilities reflect our dedication to providing our customers with reliable repairs they can trust. Our technicians and managers will assist you in coordinating the pick-up and return of your equipment. The entire process was developed to be as convenient as possible for the customer.


Edge Biomedical has several growth initiatives, with the ultimate goal of having a nationwide footprint of top-tier biomedical technicians. In only a short time since our creation, Edge has opened several markets with W2 technicians that have passed thorough background checks and possess several factory certifications. Current markets include: Boston, Hartford, Providence, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, San Antonio, Nashville, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Birmingham, Raleigh, Eastern Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Southern California markets coming soon!