I am a:
PROVISTA is national GPO focused on the continuum of care. PROVISTA does over $14 Billion in customer direct spend and offers 1,500+ contracts. They have over $48B+ in combined purchasing power with an average customer tenure of 5 years. NuEdge is a partner of PROVISTA to leverage our purchasing power.
Who is NDC?
NDC has evolved over the years through the consolidation of buying co-ops, making it the largest network of healthcare distributors in North America. NDC distributors provide products and equipment to Primary Care, Extended Care, Veterinary, Dental and Physical Rehab markets. Independent distributors maintain nearly 50% market share in most provider segments outside the hospital, supporting the supply chain throughout the continuum of care.
How is NuEdge able to offer great pricing and services?
We believe collaboration of strengths make a stronger organization. NuEdge utilizes a network of NDC member distributors combined with the negotiating power of PROVISTA.
What is my average customer savings?
Our average customer savings varies from the healthcare segment that you serve. On average, a customer can expect to see about 13.7% in savings. Most NuEdge Alliance members save a minimum of 4-6%. Or, members find additional value and service for the same cost! Our authorized distributors are equipped with a data analytics tool to help with competitive benchmarking and cost savings analysis.
Does NuEdge offer non-product services?
Yes! Most members utilize multiple program discounts that are available to both you and your employees. Such services include credit card processing, cell phone service (Verizon & AT&T), Electronics (Best Buy), Sherwin Williams paint, Orkin pest control, travel discounts, moving and much more! We go beyond the workplace, offering your employees personal discounts* on everything from entertainment to home improvement. *Offers are subject to change. Other restrictions may apply depending upon market served.
Can I set up a meeting with a local distributor in my community prior to joining?
Absolutely! NuEdge will assist you in setting up a meeting with one of our independently owned distributors to learn more about your business and how they can be of service prior to joining.
I’m already a member of a GPO - Can I still join NuEdge?
Certainly. Many providers are members of multiple GPOs for different products and/or services. Although, if you are a member of a GPO today and they serve your needs, we encourage you to support what works for you! There are a lot of fine GPOs in healthcare. NuEdge is another choice that works through independent distributors.
How do I enroll?
An authorized NuEdge distributor will be pleased to help you enroll and explain what they can do to help your organization. Or, you can complete a quick on-line application.
Is participation mandatory?
No. NuEdge is completely voluntary. Most of our members participate based upon their level of confidence of their local distributor. Our authorized distributors and vendor partners support NuEdge to ensure competitive pricing. You will participate because of value and savings. In some cases, we limit the number of vendors in a particular category to obtain best price and value. Most contract pricing available will offer choice. Our network of experienced distributors will be pleased to help select a product formulary that is best for your practice.
How much does it cost to become a member?
Membership is at NO CHARGE! Many GPOs are funded by administrative fees from vendors who want to earn your business with best pricing and quality products. Our suppliers and distributors deliver products and services to our members at a discounted rate.
What is a member?
A member is an active participant who joins the GPO for better purchasing power of both products and services.
What is a GPO?
A group purchasing organization (GPO) is an entity that is created to leverage the collective buying power of the GPO members. We help empower organizations to make smarter purchasing decisions.