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Our Mission

Delivering efficiency to healthcare providers through cost containment, creative contracting solutions and superior local service.

We believe that Healthcare is community based. We support independent healthcare distributors who have built their business around you and the population base that you serve. They never sacrifice quality or service for a few bucks. They provide quality products and a high level of service your practice deserves.

NuEdge is committed to bringing you together with a quality distributor who can meet, and exceed, your needs. Membership is at no-charge and we’ll walk you through the process. If needed, we are pleased to provide an introduction to one of our regional distributors in your area who focuses on your specialty. If we can’t help you – we’ll tell you. We’ll do our best to find programs that save you money and provide value to you, your employees and patients you serve.

Our Mission

To make the contracting process as simple as we can for independent distributors.

NuEdge was born from distributor frustration with the overall GPO contracting process. Historically, GPOs have applied hospital contracting strategies into the non-acute market, which have very distinct differences when providing customer value. The cost- to serve model outside the hospital requires a much different service level. NuEdge understands the value of working with small business, diversity and independent owned entities. Healthcare is community based and our NuEdge distributors are in the communities they serve.

Not all GPOs are created equal in the eyes of the non-acute healthcare provider. They require different manufacturer contracts than a hospital. NuEdge understands the non- acute market and what products are required to serve this market. Our staff has over 100 years of service to healthcare – most of it, served supporting independent distribution.

Our Mission

We protect your brand. We grow your business through aggregation of spend in your product category.

NuEdge is unique! We bring Providers, Distributors and YOU together!

We understand, and appreciate, the value of YOUR BRAND. NuEdge works together with our network of authorized distributors to protect your brand in the marketplace. With the proliferation of the national distributor private labels, NuEdge provides a platform for support and sales growth. Multiply your efforts through hundreds of field representatives via our authorized distributor network.
With price being equal, Independent distributors prefer to support your brand over private label! They know providers recognize and appreciate the value of selling your brands. You’ve worked hard enough for this recognition – why not support and work with the independents who will work with you – not around you by substituting their private brands.

You provide best pricing, solutions and quality outcomes in your area of expertise – we provide best effort and commitment in protecting your brand and supporting your products as a transparent partner.