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Best Home Care

"Thanks for the product recommendations! The name brand product you introduced is far superior than the other product we were getting from another distributor – our patients are very pleased with the change in product."

St. John’s Nursing

"Thanks for responding to my inquiry. We were able to align to our distributor! Thanks again – they have been very responsive."

Women’s Health

"Jim introduced NuEdge to our practice a few months ago – our practice now receives discounts on office supplies and AT&T cellular service."

Orthopedic Solutions

"We run across NuEdge Alliance and placed an inquiry about finding a distributor in our area – the local distributor called us within a day or two."

In Motion Physical Therapy

"We found NuEdge pricing through our distributor to be very competitive."

Urology Associates

"Our practice converted many of our supplies from a large distributor. Not only did we realize savings – our service levels improved."

DMR Supplies

"Our customers expect more everyday – NuEdge gives us the ability to provide more, and when we can bring savings to our customer’s bottom line, we instantly solidify our customer relationship! "

Mary Rekstad, Owner - CEO

Medical Supplies Depot, Inc.

"Local distribution delivers grass roots support to local healthcare providers, caregivers and patients in ways national companies simply cannot. "

Charlie Simpson, Sales Manager/Vendor Relations Director

Source Products - 561 LLC

"NuEdge has helped us reach customers that normally locked us out. It is a very powerful message to present a united front like the big box companies! We now have a tool to fight back! "

Karl Scheetz, Chief Executive Salesperson

DMR Supplies

"While NDC has provided us tools to compete with our biggest competitors on service and value, NuEdge levels the playing field on price.  We are so excited to give our customers this benefit. "

Mary Rekstad, Owner - CEO

Advantage Medical Supply

"NuEdge is just the tool to help protect your business from the competitor.  It is also a great tool to help you gather new business as well. "

Len Neeper, President

Rockwell Medical Supply, Inc.

"NuEdge gives us independent distributors the level playing field to compete in the same arena as the national distributor. "

Heather Merchberger, Operations Manager

Lynn Medical

"Lynn Medical is excited about a GPO specific to the Independent Distributor. NuEdge simplifies the customer enrollment process, lowers the GPO fees and is working on tools and contracts to help the Independent distributor maximize profitability of accounts. We feel using this resource is critical to competing with the national distributors. "

Chris Fagnani, Vice President

Sempermed USA

"NuEdge took me by surprise. I was blown away by how easy it is to access whether you are a medical office, a distributor or a manufacturer. Everything is right there on the website which makes finding a distributor or a product simple. NuEdge adds so much value to its member partners."

Alison Hodgson, National Accounts Leader